I am overwhelmed by the response to my request for feedback on my headshot. The request to you came out of a coaching session where I was encouraged to allow myself to be the center of attention–a place that does not come easily or naturally to me.

I love the idea of being fully comfortable in the spotlight and have challenged myself repeatedly to stand in that place and allow myself to revel in the attention. My coach asked me what would help me to remain present for those good feelings. “Breathing always helps,” I answered, knowing full well that I often forget this and don’t inhale.

While going through my coaching certification process years ago my supervisor asked me a similar question. “How can you remind yourself to be fully present with your clients?” Again, the answer was to take a deep breath to get centered in my own body. That breath would give a moment to connect with the soul who was dialing my number for my services. 

I devised a structure that would serve as a constant reminder of this easily forgotten necessity in my life and practice. I wrote the word BREATHE where I would easily see it every time. Not a coincidence that this reminder to take a breath when seeking connection was written on the receiver of my phone. 

receiver with breathe on it

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