Yoga Class

In June I made a financial and management decision–words not usually associated with yoga (my first clue!)–to stop going to my beloved yoga instructor in Southport 6+ miles from my home. Those classes were intimate and there was plenty of space to stretch out. The teacher adjusted my posture at each session (a good thing) and I felt like a million dollars on the way home and for the rest of the day. But the classes took over two precious hours out of my day and were $15-20 each depending on how many I signed up for at once.

For the same amount of money as one of those sessions, I could get a month’s worth of scheduled yoga classes at the local gym: 11 opportunities a week or over 40 offerings a month to choose from. The club is just a mile from my home office. I can go at 6am on three different weekdays, Saturdays at 8am before my weekend really begins, and several other times during the week. There’s never any traffic to get there so I can decide based on that day’s activities whether or not I can fit it in. Sounds perfect, right?

Here is what has gotten in my way to prevent me from going:

  1. My once-a-season 4-mile beachwalk with Rosalea superseded last Wednesday’s 6am class. One form of exercise a day is plenty.
  2. I stayed up later than usual last Thursday night so the 6am class on Friday I quickly deemed missable.
  3. Sunday night I was reminded of a commitment I had made for early Monday morning that had not been confirmed, so I opted out of the 6am session I would have attended.
  4. Things were hopping in my office yesterday afternoon, so good-bye 4:15pm class. I’m doing way too much business to leave my desk now.
  5. This morning, well, I could get up before 5, but…

And so it went.

I recognize my own procrastination and have recommitted to stop the excuses and go. Even if the classes are over-crowded and I don’t get the individualized attention, I still love the effects of yoga, the serenity of the room and being among others practicing this ages-old discipline.

Anything you want to tell on yourself about and recommit to?

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