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Jul 24, 2009

Tonia Mattu

I know I mentioned the joy I had assisting at the CTI course in NYC in early July and want to elaborate on the quality connections I made in those three days. I have had meaningful follow-up conversations, emails and get-togethers with several of the men and women who attended that course.

  • One of my co-assistants is now inspiring my younger daughter towards her vision.
  • When I shared my vision with a woman from a coaching triad during our workshop she told me of a relationship she has with someone from the company I want to work with. Her help got me to the next step in building that alliance.
  • I had an energized lunch with a successful photographer studying coaching where we discussed our business models, resources and visions.

Which brings me to Tonia who approached me at the end of that 3-day program saying she’d like to hear more about my work with women entrepreneurs, a passion she shares. I offered a date when I would be coming into Manhattan which didn’t work for her. I counter-offered, knowing full well how New Yorkers view Connecticut–the boonies–that she come out to see me.

She accepted, already setting her apart from most mortals.  My experience is that when effort is involved, a lot of people who say they will do whatever it takes, postpone or find excuses. But Tonia showed up which spoke volumes about who she is and what she’s willing to do to learn and grow. She reminded me of myself. Naturally, I’m eager to help anyone as hungry as I am (still) to learn, have new experiences and form new alliances.

We had an energizing afternoon sharing histories, goals and collaborative ideas. I’ve already introduced her to a dear friend and colleague who works in her neighborhood and may be able to help Tonia towards her goals. Tonia is now  scouting locations for me towards my objective of a NYC-based networking group.

One of the reasons I am so resistant to facebook, LinkedIn and twitter is that I am completely satisfied with my in person social networking.

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  1. msantiques

    I never cease to be impressed by what you are able to do in the “real’ networking world, and I would believe that you wouldn’t need to supplement this with virtual networking as you have so many venues to take advantage of.
    For some of us such isn’t quite as feasible, be it geographic location or what we’re trying to sell, and as such facebook, twitter and linkedin are all viable venues of outreach.
    Each has it’s place and can complement each other, and that is what I aspire to do.

  2. Catherine

    While I agree there is nothing better than in person social networking, my involvement in Linkedin and Twitter has allowed me to get to know people far outside of my usual realm of networking.

    One example–I “met” a designer from the UK through Twitter–he sent me a question. I was unable to direct message as he was not yet following me. I found him on Linkedin–how great is that!, contacted him and now we are in touch via both social media… Who knows where it will lead? At the least, it is fun and a great learning experience about design on other shores.

    Twitter and Linkedin are a “big time suck”…as I heard the other day at a conference–they are both a tremendous time commitment. But I think there is going to ultimately be a pay off and it’s interesting and fun. It also allows me to network at inhumane hours when most other normal people are sleeping. With other commitments, there are not enough day time hours for me to get in the face time that I want or need to grow my business!

    Bottom line, there is a balance and what’s important is to follow the path that works for each of us.

    Thanks for sharing a great story!

  3. janepollak

    @Ruth and Catherine
    Thanks for your comments. It’s not that I don’t see the value of the social networking sites, especially if you’re in a remote are. I know I’ll be on them someday, but for now, they’re not accessible enough for me to invest my time.

    Loved your story, Catherine!

  4. Aubrey Lynch

    Jane, you are an extraordinary woman and incredibly inspiring. I am still thinking about the conversations that we had while we worked together assisting for CTI. The work that you do is so powerful. I look forward to getting together with you and picking your brain some more!

    As for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, I suppose when you’re Jane Pollak, all you need is Jane Pollak! For the rest of us, we’ll have to make the best of tweeting.

    Thanks for your loving generosity.


  5. janepollak

    Let me know when you want to pick. I know I promised to help you with a mind-map to develop your business. Ready when you are!


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