red carpetI love the movies, and catching up on all the latest offerings is part of my August vacation pleasure. Over the weekend we saw (500) Days of Summer which I thoroughly enjoyed.

One scene particularly stayed in my mind for its personal truth which applies to my business as well. The screen splits in half for this segment. On the left-hand side we see the hero’s ‘expectations’ played out. On the right side you see the ‘reality’ revealed. It’s funny, poignant and raw.

How many times have I choreographed my expectations in my head, only to be flattened by the reality? The incident that comes to mind immediately (and most painfully) was when I arrived in North Carolina to finalize the photography and edits for my first book, Decorating Eggs. I imagined that there would be a red carpet rolled out and my editor waiting on the tarmac with a sign saying: AUTHOR just waiting for me to de-plane. The reality was not only no red carpet, but no editor either. I had to call her to tell her I had arrived.

It got better,  but I’ve since learned to curb my expectations.

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