Even with taking the month of August off, changes are happening in my business. I’m beginning an alliance with a company I highly admire. We have our first event at the very end of the month which has already sold out. I love everything this company stands for, a reflection of the woman entrepreneur who founded it and whose vision is represented: Eileen Fisher.

This is in stark contrast to other work relationships in my mix. Most of my clients show up every week with their field work rigorously completed and their agenda firmly in hand. Others, not so much. When I notice myself complaining or feeling victimized by these relationships, I need to ask what my role is in it. I never like the answer. I need to take responsibility.

The coach I worked with during my certification training made me fire a client which terrified me. This entrepreneur was a crazy-maker. While I consistently keep my coaching hours to Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 95% of my clients, I was finding myself on the phone with him on Sunday mornings, New Year’s Day, etc. What was wrong with this picture?

The challenge? The Universe has handed me (with a lot of persistence on my part) exactly what I’ve been looking for. My job is to let go of the jail cell bars that keep me attached to working with clients who aren’t showing up to do the work on their end. The bars are holding me in, but when I look to my left, to my right and behind me, there are no bars. I need to trust that and let go.

I wish there could be a written message that says, “Pssst, Jane, we’re giving you what you’ve been praying for. This opportunity is the sign you’ve been waiting for. You can let go now.”

Am I the only one who needs a burning bush?

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