CTI In the Bones Group

August was all about doing things differently and taking time off from my business. In July I let my clients know that our next appointments would be in September, then made plans that took me in other directions. My three big away-from-my-routine outings were:

  • Family vacation to the Jersey Shore
  • Attendance at a spiritual conference in Irving (Dallas), Texas
  • Assistant-Coaching at a training session for three days in NYC (pictured above, thanks to co-assistant Jean Hanham’s photography and follow-up)

Each of these accomplished, in its own way, the same outcomes which are the hallmarks of what a vacation represents for this woman business owner:

  • time away from my everyday activities
  • being with people I enjoy
  • meeting new people and trying new things
  • not being home

For some folks this entails travel to exotic places. For me, changing my routine and becoming completely immersed in something else feels right. Today, back at my desk, I feel invigorated and refreshed to do what I do the other 11 months of the year.

I can’t wait to talk to my clients again starting next week. I’m really looking forward to the three networking events I’ll be attending soon starting next Monday. I know my colleagues have been off doing wonderful things as well. I’m excited to hear about it all.

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