On October 1 I will have the privilege of addressing all the women attending the Convention for Re-Invention–a day long program put on by Idea Group Productions at Water’s Edge Resort and Spa in Westbrook, CT.

I’ll be sharing many of the lessons I’ve learned as a lifestyle entrepreneur–stories and examples of hard-won wisdom and knowledge–through the lens of 30+ years experience in my own business. Although there are always lessons to be learned as long as we live, mastering some of the essential ones helps me not to repeat them. I find that the longer I live and the more successful I become, I still rely on a set of tools and strategies that have seen me through.

Where 20-25 years ago I may have needed to figure out a strategy for addressing a teller at my bank, today I’m using that guidance to ask for what I need from Random House who bought out my last two publishers. Same issue, bigger stakes.

If you’d like to hear these lessons and hang out with a lot of great women for a day, you’ve got about 36 hours to still qualify for the early bird deadline and save $20. Here’s a link to the the site:


Click the tab on the left for the registration information. I hope to see you there in a month and a day.

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