I had the most amazing opportunity this morning! As Speaker Chair for the upcoming WBDC Breakfast, I got to connect our stellar interviewer, Becky Surran, with our featured guest, Dr. Candida Brush, Division Chair in Entrepreneurship at Babson College, via phone for a pre-event discussion.

In coaching there’s a skill called “articulate what’s going on.” During the conversation with Becky and me, Candy articulated eloquently what goes on for women entrepreneurs in a way that capsulized everything I’d learned in my 30+ years in business.

Without giving away the store, here are some of the statements Candy made that underscored what it takes to be successful in business–particularly as a woman:

  • A management team composed of a CEO, someone who manages the money, someone who manages the people, a marketing person and a techie. For many of us, we handle all these roles until we have the resources to hire experts. Simply accounting for the roles that need to be played was valuable to hear.
  • For people starting businesses give yourself this marketing challenge: Name six customers who would pay you money for your product or service. You will begin to be able to see your fit in the marketplace with this exercise.
  • She also touched on my favorite subject: creating your own definition of success. Everything we do as entrepreneurs requires action and then reflection. Did this get me what I wanted? Do I want to continue doing this? Was it worth the cost? Where am I going?

I know that Candy’s interview with Becky on October 1 will be invaluable to hear. Hope to see you there.

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