P1000173Nanci Lewis, owner of Sweet Rexie’s in South Norwalk, graciously opened her candy emporium Tuesday night to my Remarkable Women’s Network. After the round of self-introductions and success updates, we broke into small groups for speed-networking solutions.

The energy in the shop expanded exponentially as each woman shared ‘what’s keeping her awake at night’ and got feedback from the other brilliant minds in her circle.

The biggest take-aways reported were:

  • A photographer who is changing locations will offer a special ‘moving’ rate for headshots before she leaves her current space.
  • An event planner recently hired a young salesman who wants to take on more responsibility. Her group suggested she request that he make a presentation to her about the company.
  • More than one woman recognized the need to commit to a date in order to move forward with her vision–i.e. schedule a date on the calendar and send the invitation before having every detail figured out.

I’m very excited that my next event will take place in New York City at the Eileen Fisher store on Fifth Avenue. That was the success I shared.

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