business ledger

In almost every interchange I have with new clients there is a moment of reckoning about money.

“I’d like to earn more.”
“They’re not paying me enough.”
“I owe a lot.”

All vague.

One of my basic questions is “How much would you like to earn?” I want to hear the number. I want them to say the word. It begins a process of getting real about money. Then we break it down into what that translates to in terms of monthly, weekly, daily and hourly income. It’s a starting point and let’s the client know exactly where she is at the moment and what it will take to get to where she wants to go.

What invariably happens when a dollar amount is mentioned is that there is a sigh of relief. There it is in black and white. $50,000 or $5 million. The number doesn’t matter as much as its having been stated. In that moment there is clarity. You know where you’re going. The map has been drawn, the destination clear. The job then is to pack the bags with the necessary gear and move into action–figuring out how many client hours to accrue, how many warm letters need to be sent, how many prospects to market to.

This is all very basic, but so is eating less and exercising more to lose weight. You know what’s required, but who actually does it and allows themselves to be held accountable? That’s the beauty and value of coaching whether it’s business success, life balance or weight loss. There’s a live human being who cares, asks good questions and to whom you will report back.

Start noticing your own language when it comes to money. The more specific and aware you are, the more likely that you’re in the plus column in your own business ledger.

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