When Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, teaches us how to write an affirmation, he’s specific. It needs to be in the present tense, positive, brief + several other attributes, and ending with the phrase “or something better.” The implication is that our dreams may be less grand than what the Universe has in mind for us.

I’m co-leading An Invitation to Get Real this weekend with my Leadership partner Brad Isaacs. I had reserved the Memorial Room at the Fairfield Library for the event on Saturday. Due to smaller than anticipated enrollment, we don’t need as large (or expensive) a space. I let go of the reservation, then started to seek a new room for our group.

I already had a beautiful new space for the Sunday group, but it turned out to not be available for Saturday. I allowed myself a moment of panic. “Oh, no! I’ll NEVER find a space. This is a disaster. I’m a failure.” That lasted 30 seconds. Then I moved into action, which is always the secret weapon. I phoned the library to see if any other room existed or if they might negotiate. I left a voicemail. Then, I quickly scanned my brain for people in the area who might point me in another direction.

I called a former client and colleague who lives less than 1/2 mile from that library. She knows the town well. Might she recommend a location for me?

“Have it here, at my house. I’ll be away for the weekend. Come and get the key.”

I have to tell you that this woman is an award-winning interior designer. Her house is nothing short of spectacular. The room we’ll use overlooks an impeccably landscaped backyard. It surpasses all my criteria for a functional space to lead a group–comfortable, serene, generous in size and feeling.

Allowing these miracles into my life didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been practicing meditation, prayer, affirmations, fellowship meetings, etc. which have opened my eyes to seeing all the miracles that occur.


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