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Oct 19, 2009

Who Wants This?

Since I believe in walking my talk, I have my own coach and two cherished sessions with her a month. On our last call discernment was the topic that we spent most of our time on. I’m in the enviable position of having many opportunities coming my way, several of which I created. But there are have been some unexpected surprises arriving as well that look attractive. My work is to decide where to put my energy and focus.

Recently I was invited to be a part of a nationwide educational program to offer teleclasses on the subject of Mastermind Groups, a business building program that is near and dear to my heart. I lead Mastermind Groups and participate in them as well. They serve as the most important tool in my own business’ growth and accountability. I’m a believer and want to spread the word. I thought the opportunity to be a part of a larger mission would suit me…at first.

What was required of me, though, was to cross-market with the other providers, which I know and appreciate is a way to build your contact list, database and renown. But I wasn’t crazy about the materials I started to receive from one of the other providers. I don’t have products that are ready and available for sale that would make this kind of marketing more viable. I could feel my heart and my gut saying, “Uh-oh!”

When I discussed it with my coach, she helped me remember how it feels when I’m involved with alliances where my heart sings–like with Brad Isaacs this past weekend delivering our Get Real program. Or with my promising collaboration with Eileen Fisher and my Remarkable Women’s Network. I understand the relationship. I know, admire and respect the individuals. It feels right.

As Michele said, “You’re driving around in a Jaguar with these collaborators, and someone is offering you a free Ford. Do you want that?”

The temptation is there, but I have to stay clear on my chosen destinations, my traveling companions and the quality of the ride. While it was still challenging for me to reject the teleclass offer, having that analogy made it crystal clear and slightly easier. I said “no” and “phew”.

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  1. Karen Hodges

    Sounds like this unexpected offer has gotten you even clearer about your own path and who you partner with and why. Your post was a great reminder to me to “trust my gut”.

  2. Erica

    Love it. What a great reminder to stay true to yourself and your mission. Not an easy thing to always remember. When you are in the thick of it, things sometimes look murky. Step back, look at the bigger picture, and it all becomes clear. Thanks, as always for continuing to sharing your insights and journey with all of us! It is a gift.



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