Carrie's distribution at airport I’ve been following Carrie Wittenstein’s progress over the last few years. She was in one of my very first Mastermind Groups a few years ago when her dream of a ‘nice’ community was just a twinkle in her eye. During those early sessions Carrie would bring in logo ideas, stationery items and color schemes in vibrant palettes.

Devoting only one day a week to her passion, Carrie made great headway developing a line of t-shirts, water bottles, caps and sweatshirts bearing her upbeat message of spreading kindness through individual actions. Wouldn’t It Be Nice continued to grow with each school and church program Carrie designed and instituted.

Imagine the thrill I got this morning when I opened Carrie’s email this morning with the above image  showing her product line on sale at LaGuardia Airport! My mouth dropped open and my heart rate accelerated to triple time.

I am so thrilled for Carrie’s success and visibility. Her determination and persistence have paid off. I’d seen her at trunk shows at friends’ homes and at public trade shows toting her wares and promoting her message. I know what it takes to get where she’s arrived.Hard, hard work!

Another email message in my inbox today summed up Carrie’s journey perfectly:

“A vision without a task is but a dream. A task without a vision is drudgery.  A vision and a task are the hope of the world.”
~ Quote on a church wall in Sussex, England

I salute Carrie and Wouldn’t It B Nice and send her huge wishes for continued success.

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