seesawAfter an extraordinary dinner sponsored by the Founder, Publisher and VP of Boardroom, I chatted with Marjory Abrams (the publisher) and invited her to my next Remarkable Women’s Networking event. She attended one last spring and really enjoyed it. “I’ll have to check,” she told me. “I schedule myself  out only one night a week away from the kids.”

I was touched and impressed by the simplicity of the boundary Margie has set for herself to maintain balance in her work/home life. It’s a clear target, easily attained, and allows her to make decisions based on her valued priority.

Her comment came on the heels of  hearing another definition of balance I’d never heard before. I was whining (I admit. I do this on occasion…) to my friend Doreen about a speaking gig I felt like I was chasing down. I’ve called a bunch, sent emails, followed up with the thread of referrals and NOTHING is happening. I told her I was ready to let it go, even though I’d been pursuing it for several months. It feels like an unbalanced relationship creating this sense of unease in me. I was done.

She shared a quote from a Native American associate of hers. Her friend said that their definition of balance is “Don’t push and don’t hold back.” I’m ready to give it my all, but will cease the pushing until the other party comes forward. Now, that feels more balanced.

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