I took a wonderful aqua strengthening class this morning and was impressed by the instructor’s positive attitude. Here we were: eight women in a pool, not world class athletes he may also have the privilege of training. I’ve attended this class only on an annual basis when I come to this particular facility and have often had this teacher. He’s memorable because not only is he very handsome, but his name is Blaze (not pictured above, but the enthusiasm is similar). Who could forget that?

I asked him at the end of the class how he keeps it so lively and engaging. After all, he’s on dry land while we’re in the pool kicking and splashing. It’s different than many classes where the instructor participates and breaks a sweat. I could imagine that it would get old. But it felt like he was having as good a time as we were. I wondered to what he attributed his positive attitude.

“Caffeine,” he joked at first. But then he described how he had worked for GE for a number of years downsizing departments which wasn’t much fun at all. He made a conscious decision to choose a different way of life and joined the staff at this spa. “I like making people happy,” he added. “I can see them enjoying themselves, and that gives me back so much.”

Right after that class I headed for my computer where I opened an email from communications expert Debbie Fay. Her newsletter this month is entitled Audience Abuse: Don’t be a perpetrator. And here’s her first sentence:

The first thing you must do as a presenter is (drum roll please) CARE!

Whether you’re speaking to an auditorium filled with a thousand fans or conducting an exercise class for eight women, you gotta care. It shows.

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