But I heard Mark Tannenbaum speak at a networking lunch today and he put something in a way that caught my attention. He said that time is our only non-renewable resource. Money can be replaced when you run out. What business owner hasn’t experienced this phenomenon? Energy can too–just rest and more will come. But time is its own thing. Once it’s gone, that’s it.

Made me think of the Billy Crystal play I saw a few years back called 700 Sundays, the approximate number of Sundays Crystal got to spend with his father who passed away in Billy’s youth. I remember his making an analogy to having 700 marbles in a glass jar and moving them one at a time to another jar to demonstrate how precious each one was.

Fortunately, most of don’t know how many marbles there are remaining in our own jar (or anyone else’s).  But it can be both sobering and invigorating to choose when and how to spend our time.

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