I spent the last three days going in and out of New York City for visits with family, attending theatre and shopping. Living only 50 miles from my favorite metropolis makes it an easy commute. Besides having wonderful times during my scheduled activities, I came across some surprisingly creative entrepreneurs en route about whom I wanted to share.

There’s a terrific outlet for designer clothing on West 55th Street between 9th and 10th where I met my daughter-in-law Anne for some retail therapy and belated birthday shopping. When we walked into the dressing room an attractive and hip-looking woman introduced herself and said she was there as a gift to Carlisle (the clothing line at the store) to help shoppers put together their look. An hour later I had the most put together outfit you could imagine thanks to the talents of Susan Brown. Wisely, she had her marketing materials on hand allowing me the opportunity to talk about her on my blog. What I admired most was her finding a way to make herself known to a high-end clientele while demonstrating her skills.

The next day I was on the #4 subway going downtown from Grand Central Terminal to Union Square station. One express stop. I got onto the train, and as soon as the doors closed three young men took control of the car. I had a moment of panic because we were a captive audience, but they had performing on their minds. They moved us passengers so that a designated space was carved out for their routines. Then the boom box started and the dancing began. It was elaborately choreographed to work around the subway car poles and to last just long enough to wow the audience and allow time to pass the hat.

While I didn’t contribute financially, I did ask if they had a website I could point to on my blog. He said something quickly which I didn’t write down, but found this link from the NYTimes which elaborates more.

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