I’ve had the good fortune to be in the capable hands of Pauline Sasaki for over 20 years. She is a healing practitioner. Initially I went to her for shiatsu treatments for my aching back. Her technique has grown and changed over the decades we’ve been working together. I don’t even pretend to understand the modalities she brings into our sessions. What I do know is that I feel terrific.

Pauline and I have established our own special ritual for our December session. (I see her once a month for maintenance.) I have my 5pm healing appointment, then we go out for dinner and catch up eyeball-to-eyeball on the past year. Our date was last night, and I am filled with the magic of being in the presence of Pauline’s wisdom.

We were reflecting on the world situation and what’s happening on an energetic level. Our conversation encompassed everything from politics, to Oprah to technology. Pauline has a galactic view, a planetary outlook on what our species is evolving to. She said at this point we are at choice–“Either jump into the spaceship or live in the museum.”

Every Thanksgiving Friday I visit my old neighborhood where family friends still live. Mrs. Munder, now nearly 90, is a role model for how I’d like to age. She just renovated her downstairs, but what stayed with me most during our last conversation was when she said, “I want to stay relevant.”

It could be very easy to fall off the map during this whirlwind era we’re living in. What are you doing to board the spaceship?

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