My friend Mike, who has defined himself in many ways throughout his entrepreneurial life, is on the road a lot dealing with clients. When someone asked him recently where his office was he replied, “In my pocket.”

Like so many of us, the BlackBerry or however you name what tethers you to your business, he is on call all the time. I haven’t taken that leap…yet. My best number to be reached at is still my home office. I check that one from the road before I check the voicemail on my Treo. I am not available 24/7 to anyone. I don’t work that way–literally or figuratively.

As society is speeding up, especially with social media–I mean, would I have known that Brittany Murphy died within an hour of its occurrence even 3 years ago?–I find myself recoiling. I know that our world is gravitating in this direction. But the contrarian in me still wants to see a human face, to hold a hand-addressed and hand-signed card in my fingers, and to be in community with groups of people, not voices in a chat room.

Forgive me my curmudgeonly ways. My office is located in my home, and when I leave it for non-business related activities, it is with consciousness and a desire to strike a balance. I will return calls and emails in a responsible amount of time and I am worth the wait.

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