Because I’ve known about SCORE for decades I assume that everyone else knows about them, too. But I realize that this organization is still a relatively well-kept secret. SCORE stands for Service Corps of Retired Executives and offers an amazing resource to small business owners nationwide. Basically, it’s an army of brilliant retired executives, men and women, who offer their services free to entrepreneurs at all levels.

I learned about SCORE in my 20’s when my father, recently retired, joined their ranks and would discuss his clients’ imaginative ideas (anonymously, of course) over dinner. He was thrilled to be giving back some of his business expertise and tickled when his client ran with an idea and succeeded. Over the years I’ve consulted SCORE advisers with excellent results.

Just recently, in an effort to expand my Remarkable Women’s Network I signed on for another round. I’ve been meeting monthly with two gentlemen who feel like the best cheerleaders in the world. Not only are they offering their suggestions for broadening my market, but they’ve also referred some of their successful women clients to attend my events.

Today when I went for my check-in, I was met by a third counselor. My two guys love my model so much they brought in the SCORE program chair and invited me to facilitate a demo session for SCORE clients. Mark your calendars! On Wednesday, February 24 from 7:30-9:30am there will be a co-ed session based on my networking design for SCORE clients only. By the way, anyone reading this has the opportunity to become a SCORE client. That’s an entirely free service. The event I run for them will also be free.

What makes my groups unique is that I offer them only to already successful women business owners who want to meet other successful women business owners. At my Remarkable Women Network events participants exchange information, support and inspire each other and get solutions to current challenges. While the format will be the same–self-intro’s and mini-mastermind groups, the population will be not be. Hence the value-based pricing on my offerings. Women business owners choosing to pay $50 to meet other successful women offers a different demographic group than SCORE’s no-cost event.

A wise friend once told me you can shop gourmet at Stop & Shop, but it takes longer and you have to be more discerning navigating the aisles.

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