One of the most talented women I know, and I know tons of very talented women, sent me an email after attending my Remarkable Women Network event in Darien last week.

She wrote: I dragged myself to the event feeling like there were 29 remarkable women and me, but the positive energy charged me up and gave me the strength to start creating myself again.

My hunch is that not one other woman even remotely suspected that this participant felt that way, and that one or two of the others actually harbored the same sentiment. What’s a woman to do?!

I know this is a syndrome in our society. I’m sad that all of these enormously capable, brilliant and contributing women have such monstrous gremlins on their backs dragging them down, sometimes to the point of paralysis. I’m so glad this woman did whatever it took to pep-talk herself into showing up. That’s the big lesson here. That if your self-talk is just a tad stronger than those negative voices, the rewards are incomparable.

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