John Fuhrman, a colleague of mine in the National Speakers Association, wrote this book in the late ’90’s and his speaking career took off. It seemed that everyone wanted to hear from someone who embraced rejection. God knows there’s plenty of it in the business universe. I can honestly say that I have come to appreciate it too. The loving it part comes about a decade afterwards though for me.

In one day this week I heard two tales of rejection, one from a friend and one from a client–both painful and neither particularly lovingly received. Each woman had put herself at risk by submitting heart work, which makes the dismissal more keenly felt. If they were selling appliances, it couldn’t feel personal. Offering oneself for a teaching position or sending in a book proposal–now that feels personal.

Only it’s not. It’s a very crowded marketplace and a down economy. It’s a numbers game. But here’s the hope. The current conditions are what have us get creative. My advice: think of 25 new ways to get your gifts out there. I have clients who are creating special events to test out new ideas, a la Tupperware. Invite a handful of friends over to experience your talents and see what sticks.

Each of us derives our own lessons from the rejection. Where they take you can lead to your next great discovery or strengthen your persistence muscle which is the life force of any success.

Pile up those rejections and go blissfully forward.

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