I am sitting in my living room in tears having just watched Tiger Woods apology on TV. I am blown away by his candor, his admission of his transgressions and his taking full responsibility for his behavior. There was never any doubt that the press had uncovered a huge scandal, but his standing up and claiming ownership the way he did is impressive.

I am deeply touched by his openness regarding his therapy and dedication to getting the support he needs. I feared that his apology might digress entirely in the direction of the cause of his foundation, but he quickly made his way back to the topic at hand.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I rarely comment on current events, but this press conference had me riveted. Not only am I part of a recovery community myself, but I also regard Tiger Woods as a quintessential entrepreneur. He humbly demonstrated how to tell the truth. What he did today was amazing to me. He accepted total responsibility for the mess he’s made, asked for help, admitted that he will continue to seek treatment and even talked about looking for spiritual solutions and increased balance in his life. When he ended by giving his mother a gigantic hug I dissolved.

I sincerely wish him all the best one day at a time.

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