There’s a misconception out there that when you get published the automatic result is fame and fortune. That’s the power of the press. If there’s ink about you, you must be successful and rich. Not so.

A colleague and I were comparing notes over coffee yesterday. She had seen a wonderful article about me and my Remarkable Women’s Network events in the Greenwich Time that morning. She referred to a full-page feature that had been written about her which resulted in only one phone response that had nothing to do with that article’s contents. I nodded in recognition of that outcome. Been there!

I commiserated. There have been many times where the article I thought would change my life didn’t. I’ve learned through experience that it’s not the press that gets you business. It’s what you do with the press that gets you business. The word is out there. You’ve received that coveted third party endorsement. But we all know how fleeting that is. It’s our job to take that promotional material and continue the promotion.

I intend to make copies and send them to the wonderful women who were quoted. I’ll also snail mail a copy to Eileen Fisher whom I refer to in the article as my role model as a woman entrepreneur. Talk about third party endorsement. In addition, I’ll add links to my website and make copies for future promotional kits. Getting published is just the beginning of the PR journey. Reaping the rewards is a long-term prospect. Your name is in the ozone, but getting the word out and enjoying the benefits of that only begins after the excitement of publication wanes.

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