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Apr 15, 2010

I’ve Heard About Lemons, But Cereal Boxes?

Who hasn’t heard the adage about turning lemons into lemonade (yawn)? But something really caught my attention today. This morning, friend and colleague Rebecca Velasquez handed me her business card with a huge smile. “They’re made out of recycled cereal boxes.” I flipped it over and voila!

A portion of a Honey-Nut Cheerios box was the image on the other side. (Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s been awhile since I bought kids’ cereals.)

The company that produces these is green, recycling this brightly patterned cardboard and printing with earth-friendly inks. With Rebecca’s yoga and meditation business, it’s a wonderfully holistic fit. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

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  1. Lisa Braithwaite

    Several years ago, we met the man who runs this company at his flea market letterpress booth in New York. My husband is still waiting for the opportunity to arise to need the cereal box business cards!

  2. janepollak

    Not sure I understand what you mean about your husband. Is he still looking to start his own business? How cool that you met this guy years ago. I feel that way about the woman who started Burt’s Bees. She used to exhibit near me at the Westport Handcrafts Show in CT. It’s wonderful to know the origins of successful business owners.

  3. Lisa Braithwaite

    Yes, he’s still waiting for the right time to start his business. But when he does, he wants cards from US Business Cards.

    I used to be in the craft biz, too, and I love seeing my old craft show friends in national magazines and on Martha!

  4. Denise Costabile

    Jane – you are so right. This is an ingenius idea. I am so glad you shared this information about a green business card company. What a great idea!


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