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Apr 19, 2010

The Course I Can’t Wait to Take

Kim DeYoung and I drove down to Bronxville last week to attend an event where our mutual friend Mary van der Wiel was speaking on branding. During the ride, Kim excitedly told me about her upcoming tele-seminar series called Think It, Create It, Sell It, which I enrolled in on the spot. It begins today, Monday, April 19th at 1pm EDT. If you’re lucky enough to have seen this, determined it’s for you, and gotten a place on the call, I’ll ‘see’ you there.

Kim feels light years ahead of me on the technology front which enables her to provide so many learning opportunities. For example, she has her website set up so that I already have ‘met’ the other people in the class via the profiles we each created. Through her expert level of technology, Kim has pre-qualified her participants in the same way I like to pre-qualify my clients. There are hurdles to be leapt and knowledge presumed which makes the experience that much richer for everyone–teacher and students–involved. I like it that way.

What I hope to learn from this multi-week course, is how to take my existing content and re-purpose it into tele-seminars like Kim’s, as well as podcasts, videos and other learning tools my community has been seeking from me. It’s not for lack of information, but more “how do I do that?” that has stalled my product progress.

Kim’s downloadble handouts have set the stage for the questions I want answered. I can’t wait for our first session. I’m ready to take notes, make a commitment to this group and be held accountable for my actions. I know that the excitement and creativity of the other entrepreneurs on the line will be a driving force. More to come…

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