Lesson 80 in the new edition of my book, Soul Proprietor, is “Doing nothing by appointment is essential and energizing.” I wasn’t planning on using this lesson today because productivity is on my mind.

I’ve just come from a one-on-one training at Apple to really nail down the label making process. I went to show the young man an entry I’d made yesterday which turned out not to be there. I know for a fact I entered it. Yet it didn’t show up on the list. I took a deep breath, didn’t blame him for making it disappear, didn’t give up and didn’t cry. But my frustration level was rising.

Now I’m in Starbucks. The library in Stamford doesn’t open until 10am. Since when don’t all libraries open at 9am and provide the free Internet access I was expecting? I wanted to use my time productively as I wait for an 11am appointment. I’m creating a document I owe someone. I’m trying to drag photos onto the page, but the computer is not letting me do that. Every time I go to ‘insert,’ nothing happens. I have reached a dead-end.

I know that Mercury is in retrograde, but, hey! I’m unable to complete the work I’ve set out to do and in the time slot I scheduled in which to accomplish it. I even paid for time to use the Internet. But I recognize that I need to stop.

I am going to do nothing for the next hour; just let the pieces fall where they may, breathe, observe and stay quiet. There’s only so much swimming against the tide I can do. I write this to let you know that I experience everyday frustrations regularly. Here’s an inside look at how I deal with them. It’s not a pretty picture, which is why I recognize the need to stop and change course. This, too, shall pass.

It’s in these in-between times that the Universe manifests. I have no idea what the next outcome will be. I just know it’s essential to take down the sails for the moment and just be.

See ya later!

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