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Apr 28, 2010

Sarah Youngblood’s Transformation

Mercury may be in retrograde, but my client calls this week have been nothing short of stunning. This afternoon Sarah Youngblood of Youngblood Interiors started our conversation by saying that there’s been a shift in her. (Music to my ears!) She didn’t even need to say those words because her energy revealed her joy the moment the call began.

When we began working together in February, Sarah wasn’t sure she’d be able to resurrect her creative business. It had suffered a setback while she tended to demanding personal issues that were now in check.

Since our first call, Sarah has been in total action mode–creating her new vision, attending networking events, identifying groups to join and inspiring people to connect with. Last week she emailed me to reschedule our session because she had 13 appointments to fit into her busy week.

In addition to her home decor business, Sarah is realizing more and more that she has a powerful message to share with audiences about her journey. She’s been through life’s wringer and is joyfully on the other side with stories to tell.

When I asked her to define the shift, she couldn’t put her finger on it. It is elusive to look back and think, what changed? I could see it coming and reminded her of her behaviors. When she initially reached out to me for coaching she had said, “I was mentally sparked to call.” This may sound like a throwaway line to some, but it’s a seed that gets planted on a daily basis which most people ignore or take for granted. The difference between Sarah and those who don’t make the transformation is that she took action.

How many times are you ‘”mentally sparked” and roll over for another 10 minutes of sleep? Also in our conversation today, Sarah told me she “stumbled upon a panel of bloggers”… I didn’t stumble upon them. You didn’t stumble upon them. Sarah’s the one who stumbled upon them. It was her inspiration to take note and figure out how to best use that new idea. She did, and she took the next right action. That’s the formula! Putting yourself in an action mode, allowing inspiration to catch your gaze, and then picking up the phone, going to the event or writing the blog post based on your newfound stimulus.

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  1. marnie

    I would venture a guess that the panel of decorator bloggers was the skirted roundtable?
    The blogging community is a great way to connect – all of sudden you are surrounded by like minded people – one link leads to another – I love it.

  2. janepollak

    Great image! Made me smile to read this.


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