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May 1, 2010

Some Comfort for Your Frustration

My Leadership tribe (the Jaguars) had a community call on Friday to reconnect after several months. We were talking about our edges–what each of us is working on in our coaching businesses–and what new identity we’re growing into.

I love the concept of edges because it helps me visualize where I am. The edge is the pinnacle on the mountaintop separating where I am currently in any given situation–personal or professional. On the left side is me wanting world renown for my new book, for example. On the other side is where I want to get to–multiple speaking engagements, fabulous sales and Oprah, of course .

I feel clueless at the moment of how to make that vision real. If I knew every step of the way, it wouldn’t be an edge. It would be like going to the grocery store with my list. We all face edges daily. Depending on your boldness, they vary greatly.

One of my tribe-mates had a wonderful analogy she’d read in Peanuts. That place in between wanting and having, that edge or transition, is like Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. I know on some level comfort will be mine again, but my security is being severely compromised in the process. That’s why I have my tribe.

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  1. donna elle

    i love living and being on the edge and define that experience for me as a ‘seachange’ opportunity….living on an island most of my life allows for that ‘edge’ to nudge me in a direction of action and having skiied all my life, catching an edge downhill sharpens ones perception to shift direction (immediately or else you take a nose dive and pick yourself back up and keep going!) until you are back on even keel looking for the next exhillarating opportunity that will come your way by not standing still on the shore or side of the mountain with fear and caution!!


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