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May 5, 2010

Poppy King at Savor the Success Event in NYC Today

I’m just back from a great event for women entrepreneurs called Savor the Success. It will continue tomorrow, but I’m completely filled up. I met terrific women, heard great speakers and practically floated home afterward. I’ll be sharing quotes and thoughts I heard there for weeks to come. It was that rich.

My favorite speaker this morning was Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen now featured at Barneys and on HSN, who hails from Australia. She emphasized that her greatest successes invariably came after her biggest setbacks. (She doesn’t like the word failure). I also appreciated her profound understanding that “simple is hard.” She said there is “no nobility in being complicated.” Sticking to her vision of non-shiny lip color has been her hallmark of success.

She reminded me of my favorite woman business owner–Eileen Fisher–who has maintained her vision of simply beautiful garments in solid colors, high quality fabrics and attractive styles that enhance the wearer.

I’m often distracted by new promotions/seductions that lead me in a different direction than I intend for myself. Usually there’s a dollar amount that seems attractive. But when I stay true to my values, keep focused on my ideal client and in my groove of what I do best, I’m able to keep it simple and walk away from business that doesn’t serve my ultimate goal of leading remarkable women to uncommon success.

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  1. Ruth Olbrych

    So jealous…
    Had thought of attending the Savor Event you refer to but had to decide between that and the NYC WITHIT event next week…the latter which I will be attending.
    Maybe next year I can do both!
    Thanks for verifying it is as great an event as I thought it would be.

  2. janepollak

    Better! I’m so glad I went. Attending ANY event is always a risk, but this one was really glorious. I’m leaving for NYC again this afternoon to attend Oprah’s Live Your Best Life weekend. I’ll let you (and everyone) know how that one is.


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