My daughter Laura and I leave for Danbury prison early this morning (it’s 5:49am as I write this). I’m unsure of what will happen at the job fair I’ve agreed to speak at, but anticipating a valuable learning opportunity. I’m going with an open mind, open heart and desire to share what I know.

In the meantime, I got a hearty response to my last blog about fees and pricing. Even as I was writing it, my mind kept flashing on my friend and colleague Kate Kelly. Sure enough, this message arrived soon after I posted. Take advantage!

From Kate:

How to Set Your Fees and Get Them, a book I wrote to address the difficulty of fee-setting, provides VERY helpful advice for anyone selling their services.  Now that I’m writing more in the field of American history, I haven’t had time to re-publish the book so some of the anecdotes are a bit dated.  That said, the book’s advice is still very solid, very relevant.

The book retailed for $17.50 but because I’m not actively promoting it, I would be more than happy to provide your readers with a “deal.”  If they are willing to mail me $6 which will cover the envelope and first class postage, I will be honored to send them a copy of the book.  Pls put Fees Book in the subject line and e-mail me:  I’ll send them my mailing address and the book will go out as soon as I receive payment to cover my costs.

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