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Jun 9, 2010

Listen to Lindsey

Now that the print edition of Soul Proprietor has been published, I am working to update the audio version as well. Yesterday I was so happy to have my daughter Lindsey come to CT to record the foreword she wrote for me. Foreward_Lindsey.mp3.

She’s such a pro! As a consultant to LinkedIn, she regularly gives webinars for them and is used to working with recording equipment. Walt Graham, my go-to sound person, was duly impressed.

We extended our time in the studio a bit, discussing the project with Walt and snapping some candids of the process.

A funny thing happened on the way to Lindsey’s arrival from NYC. In order to entice her to get on MetroNorth for this favor, I offered to treat her to a pedicure with my favorite practitioner. Lindsey was happy with the prospect of being pampered, so I was a tad disappointed when Monica, my pedicurist, texted me to let me know she would not be able to give the treatment as her mother required unexpected care in NJ. She canceled Lindsey’s appointment. Not an hour later Lindsey called to say she had a request. “Would it be okay with you if I don’t get the pedicure today? I really need to get back into the city.”

Sometimes things just work out so well.

After we left Walt’s place, Lindsey and I had time for a relaxing iced coffee at Starbucks near the train station. I hope you’ll take 3 minutes to relax and listen to Lindsey’s reading. If you’d then like a copy of the new edition of Soul Proprietor, click the title to order your copy.

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  1. Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

    Jane –
    I am delighted to have received my signed copy of your book, which will accompany me to the pool this summer! It was fun to hear Lindsey read the intro…Great job!

  2. Janet

    Hi Jane, What a beautiful job Lindsey did with this foreward to your book. It was both well written and beautifully spoken. Please pass along kudos to Lindsey for a job well done. And best wishes with your book sales, too! Janet

  3. janepollak

    Thanks for this, and for Lindsey being the link to our meeting each other.

    I will!


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