I took a scenic ride up route 136 yesterday to visit Sticks and Stones Farm, a place that has intrigued me since I heard about it, but never took the time to go see. Years ago I was having coffee with an EWN colleague, a web designer and brand strategist, who told me about her clients who raised moss and for whom she had recently created a web presence. Raised moss? Huh? She described the beauty of the place, the cabins in the woods, truly green living and enough other visuals to plant the seed of memorability in my brain.

That farm’s name came up again over a shared lunch with a bunch of “foodies” last month who talked about a pot luck that happens monthly at this place called Sticks and Stones Farm. That did it. I put it on my to do list: visit Sticks and Stones Farm.

I went online to find out more. What I discovered, much to my surprise and delight, is that Annie Stiefel is the resident Chef and Wellness Coach there. Annie Stiefel hired me years ago to come and teach Ukrainian Easter egg decorating at frequent workshops she created in her home. The scones she served at that event were almost as memorable as the workshops were. We’d kept in touch for over a decade, but eventually lost the connection. I immediately emailed her and asked for a tour.

As we were walking the grounds, Annie told us that Sticks and Stones Farm is the only moss farm in the country that propagates its own moss. In addition, the New York Times refers to Tim Currier who owns the property as the most eccentric niche farmer in the state. Here are two USP’s – unique selling propositions- that capture the imagination and set this business and entrepreneur apart from all others. Having been to a networking event earlier in the day where the self-introductions all sounded like “blah, blah, blah,” it was outstanding and refreshing to hear a truly unique offering.

Here’s Leigh, my driving companion, with some of the flats of moss that are being propagated. Below is the yoga studio that the farm rents out for retreats and classes. I’m hoping to book it for fall for my Invitation to Get Real events.

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