My dear friend, Cookie (aka Marisabina Russo) turned the big 6-0 last month. At a gala surprise party organized by her devoted husband Whitney, about that many friends gathered including several Artsy Girls pictured here.

To personally celebrate Cookie, I invited her to come to Kripalu with me, a first time visit for this good friend. We were in the Berkshires for a couple of days on their R&R program, hiking, doing yoga, resting and renewing.

In addition to the wonderful activities this yoga center provides, there are exceptional evening workshops too. While Cookie got her massage one of the evenings we were there, I attended a session entitled Power of Word presented by Danny Arguetty. Understandably, he talked about how much more there is to expression than simply the words that we use. In one exercise he rated emotions on a scale–the highest levels being joy, empowerment, love, appreciation and freedom; the lowest – fear, grief, despair and powerlessness. He pointed out that having the vocabulary helps us access where we are on the scale and allows us to articulate our way up from, say, boredom to hopefulness once we see the continuum of the emotional scale.

I wrote down two things Danny said. One was about how so many of us are around tough topics. He made a gesture with one hand as though lifting something off the floor and said, “Hello, Little Rug.” Then he gestured with the other hand–a brushing kind of motion and said, “Sweep! Sweep!” The point being how often we sweep things under the proverbial rug, only to have them then go down the emotional scale because feelings can’t be ignored. They will have their way!

The other saying I jotted down was a quote from the Swami Kripalu who asked, “Is what you have to say an improvement on silence?” I’ve heard, “think before you speak” but this took it to a whole new level.

Friday morning Cookie and I walked the labyrinth on the grounds of this gorgeous property. Then lunch and departure. We got someone to take a shot of us before we left–two busy entrepreneurs taking two days together to celebrate a life passage.

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