Rounding the bend on my morning walk today, with Paul Simon singing ‘Old’ on my iPod, I spotted my neighbor Mrs. Young, who will be 100 on October 11,  arms lifted over her head with pruning shears, struggling to cut down a branch weakened from last night’s storm.

I bolted into my house to get my camera, ran back across my lawn and called over to her. “Mrs. Young, may I take your picture? You inspire me so!”

“How’s my hair?” she asked.

I admire Mrs. Young’s great attitude. You can guess what she’s seen and lived through in her 99+ years, and she’s still an optimist. She installed all new windows last season and asked for a 10 year warranty. Surely I can look forward with a positive mental spirit even if the phone isn’t ringing off the hook today.

She handed me the clippers and asked if I might hack through the branch she wanted removed. I have to tell you, I was very happy when it finally gave way to my attempts and fell to the ground. I was able to complete the job my neighbor had industriously begun.

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