No one I know is looking to take on additional homework assignments. When I created my Soul Proprietor Book Club, it was with the intention of bringing like-minded entrepreneurs together to talk about what’s real in their businesses, what touches their souls. Not to tackle a reading list. There are many other opportunities to do that, right Oprah?!

The Soul Proprietor Book Club is an exclusive group of women who opt in to my particular community. There are no barriers to membership, beyond taking the time to self-select and sign up to receive my offers. I want to create a safe place to share fears, self-doubt as well as success. If you’re out there at the bat swinging, I guarantee that fear and self-doubt arrive with every pitch.

The first exclusive offer is a free tele-seminar with me focusing on my 3 favorite lessons:Tuesday, October 5 at 8PM EDT. It will be presented to the first 50 members of my Soul Proprietor Book Club who dial in.  Click on my home page and ‘join’ by adding your name on the lower left under the Member of Jane Pollak’s Soul Proprietor Book Club icon. Once you’re a member, you will receive all the announcements for upcoming events. Only members will receive these offers. Will you please join me?

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