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Oct 11, 2010

Tell Me What I Need to Know

341 Studios put on another informative and enlightening Fresh Intelligence Roundtable last Friday. This time the topic was Search Engine Marketing. David Hoffman did a great job of explaining the vast terrain of SEO and pay-per-click strategies.  Like all the other attendees, I was furiously taking notes and trying to absorb all I could about this relatively new frontier.

One of the best parts of these breakfast sessions is the opportunity to network before and after with an exceptional group of business owners in the 341 Studios sphere. I had the chance to talk to Roberta Cohen, founder of Vector Expo Group. She said something so important to me about why she attends these events. “My clients hire me to filter through what’s out there and present it to them.”

So simply and brilliantly put. That’s what all of us entrepreneurs do. We attend, read, learn and filter what’s important to our audiences. Our unique blend of information, experience and recitation of what we know is our USP-Unique Selling Proposition-that gets us clients, followers and pay. We act as the eyes and ears of the most current and vital data while those who hire us perform the skills they do best.

My friend and colleague Doreen Birdsell once said, “Jane goes to all of these workshops so I don’t have to.” It’s our job to distill down what’s important in our field and deliver it to the people we serve. Fortunately, everything I’m out there learning is of great interest to me as well. That’s the joy of doing what you love.

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