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Oct 29, 2010

Beyond Fearless Fridays: Meredith Gray

When Meredith Gray (not that Meredith Gray) received a diagnosis that she had breast cancer for the second time, rather than dive under the covers to hide, she mobilized into action to deal with her illness. She documented her process and progress in a brand new film entitled NAKED. On Wednesday night I had the extreme privilege of hosting an Artsy Girls viewing of Meredith’s documentary.

I had been a witness to parts of Meredith’s experience as a friend and colleague, but nothing compared to seeing her journey from beginning to the present exquisitely filmed by Lisa Simmons of Fingerpost Productions.

We see Meredith interviewing numerous physicians regarding her options for surgery and reconstruction. We watch her being poked with needles in hospital rooms, and another day modeling for art students at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center as a way of preserving her breasts through their paintings.

Over and over what struck me and the women in the audience was Meredith’s courage, determination and strength of character.  She took on insurance companies, dealt with pain and even coped with her dog’s medical needs, which didn’t take a hiatus just because she was ill,  in between chemo treatments.

Meredith emerges from it all victorious and vibrantly healthy. I highly recommend this film to every woman out there, whether she’s been diagnosed, knows someone who has, or simply wants to be in control of her healthy future.

To purchase your own copy of Meredith’s film, click here.

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