Denise DiGrigoli and Troy Amuso, along with daughter Ava, hosted an opening reception at their Southport gallery, Troy Fine Art, last night to a crowd of loyal supporters and well-wishers. I captured this image of an ebullient Denise with her equally joyful banker during the party. Troy Fine Arts premiere location on the Boston Post Road in Southport has already driven more traffic to the shop since opening this month than their off-the-beaten path location in Fairfield had for several months at a time. Like they say in real eastate, it’s all about location, location and location.

To take this risk in today’s economy is a challenge that only someone like Denise embraces, but embrace it she does. You can tell from her incredible exuberance that simple hard work and know-how are not enough to fill this entrepreneur’s risk-taking appetite. Opening a new location in a high traffic zone, even with the higher overhead, is exactly what was in order.

In addition to the art on the wall and pedestals by Elise Black, Denise recruited the talents of caterer Along Came Carol and silk flower designer extraordinaire Bea Schriver to elevate the event aesthetically.

Bea’s soaring arrangements helped set the tone of elegance, a hallmark of her work. Denise knows how to bring talented people together, and even more important, she knows how to give them a showcase worthy of their talents. That’s what she does for artists as well as collectors. No wonder she’s so successful.

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