It’s hard to sum up Donna Elle. She’s an award-winning interior designer. She’s created her own brand and lifestyle aesthetic. And she’s a woman living full-out in her relationships with her family and her clients. But, she’d hit an impasse a year ago, healed from that, and wanted a reality check for right now. She called me for my Dream Peek Experience.

After listening carefully to all that has gone on in Donna’s life, I asked her a few questions, powerful questions as we call them in the coaching world. I could sense her taking them in in a particular way. It seemed that Donna, while focusing on amassing a fortune and a following, had neglected what was truly important to her. She willingly took on the assignment of creating a vision board which would give her the opportunity to focus on what was most meaningful to her and no one else. She admitted that she had already cut out stacks of images that spoke to her heart and soul, but had never given herself the time or permission to assemble them.

Her homework was to create her vision board within a week. Our call actually ended in less than the allotted hour, because Donna couldn’t wait to get started. Less than a week later, she emailed me the results. In our follow-up call, I could hear the difference in her voice and heart.

Although the images are quite small here, you can get the sense of peace and serenity that her board exudes. The photos are of open spaces, calm environments, beauty and nature. These are all the things that Donna (and most of us!) crave in our lives. While Donna had been toiling away at designing the elements to create that spiritual design essence for a client base, she had shut herself off from actually having those real-time delights of nature in her own life on a daily basis.

After creating her vision board and hanging it front and center in her studio, Donna has already begun to enjoy the benefits of bringing into her life that which she is thinking about. Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about.” Donna is now feeding her eyes and soul with visions and thoughts of what brings her joy and peace.

What are you focusing your attention on?

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