Last night was the first-ever Dinner With Jane held at Meigas Restaurant in Norwalk. What a blast we had! Heather Habelka took this shot during coffee and dessert. This morning I received several emails from the women who attended, each with a variation on a theme that was captured in this email message from Andrea Deinstadt:

Thanks so much for putting together last night’s event. I came with the intention of getting a Jane injection but because of the wonderful women you surround yourself with the benefits were multiplied by sixteen! It was an evening spa for my spirit which really need to be recharged and now I am so invigorated and renewed that I hardly know what to do first!
The evening helped me to remember who I am and the gifts I have and to reorient my focus to my vision and purpose.

There’s something magical about a group of like-minded women together and it is even more dynamic with a visionary leader like you in front, to direct that force.  Thank you again Jane; it was a special and powerful evening.

With great affection and respect~

Andréa Deinstadt
Somers, NY914.276.2728

The next Dinner with Jane is scheduled for May. You need to be a member of the Soul Proprietor Book Club to receive the exclusive invitations to this remarkable group. You can sign up today on my home page. Join us!


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