I have three vision boards on my wall, one of which focuses on lifestyle desires I have. There are images of aqua-blue lap pools, vineyards and women in varying degrees of joy. There are also a few pictures of women assuming yoga postures, like the one above.

Yoga has always been on my list of things I should do. I like the way yoginis carry themselves. They have beautiful posture and long, slim torsos. There’s an assuredness that seems to emanate from people who have formed the union of body and soul that I want to have. So I cut out this image that called to me and have been staring at it for a number of years now. I’ve dabbled in classes at Symmetry Yoga and The Edge, but didn’t really commit. More recently, I’ve been doing a 15-minute A.M. practice to a Rodney Yee DVD. I’m feeling the benefits and noticing that my body wants to do it, even though unrolling a cold yoga mat at 6A.M. isn’t always the most inviting activity on my list.

A funny thing happened, as it does with vision boards. I’ve been seeing a new shiatsu practitioner since my beloved Pauline Sasaki became ill and passed away. He has become my healer. He noticed a particular tightness in my back and suggested I do a specific yoga posture, the plow. “What’s that?” I asked.

“Here, I’ll show you.” See photo below. I’ve now added this posture to my morning practice. Have you noticed me standing any taller yet?*

*Per request, I have removed the image and name of this shiatsu practitioner.

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