Who could turn down an invitation “to an evening that will make you Healthy, Wealthy & Wise” and additionally recommends wearing comfortable clothing because you never know when you will have to stand on your head? Certainly not me, and especially not when the invite comes from clients whom I love and respect–341 Studios.

During our coaching sessions a few years ago the principals¬†Gretchen Bruno and Felicia Rubinstein mentioned being fun-challenged. We talked about incorporating “play dates” onto the calendar for them as well as their team. One of the results has become an annual event after the holidays which would celebrate and show appreciation for the people they work most closely with.

341 has invited me to a paint-my-own-pottery event, a cooking class, a tarot reading and now last night’s which was the best ever. Imagine walking in the door and seeing handsome and muscular Vincent Leclercq standing by his massage chair inviting me to relax, unwind and let go. No hesitation there. After that blissful experience, I joined the rest of the attendees in Gretchen’s basement where yoga mats covered the floor and Rebecca Hayward led us in a series of postures followed by relaxation.

Then there appeared a sumptuous feast on the buffet table prepared by Gretchen’s and Felicia’s friend, the talented Carolyn Eddie. The atmosphere was totally relaxed, especially since the posted dress code eliminated any status wardrobe stressing out. We socialized for a few more hours and then exited with warm feelings and a very cool, well-branded yoga mat of our own to remember the evening.

So many things contributed to the warm and generous feeling that 341 created last night, but what touched me the most was their invitation to have Vincent and Rebecca–both members of Gretchen’s BNI group–share their talents and businesses with the group. In addition to offering a gift to each of us, this display of networking and support magnified the spirit with which 341 does everything they do for their clients, their team and their colleagues.

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