For those of you who have been following my mistaken pedicure appointment last week, here’s the last chapter. I got my free pedicure yesterday, and what a treat it was.

I shared the whole blog story with Monica, the woman at my feet (!) who delighted in hearing about the passionate responses I got. I also asked if I might share her contact information, especially because her resolution to the missing-word-text was so satisfying.

I’ve posted her business card below. If you want a real treat, and/or if you want baby soft feet again, let Monica take care of you. She does an amazing job of working with people’s feet (hands, too, but I go there just for my toes). She takes her craft very seriously, even took a course out west to learn how to make custom fitted shoes. She really cares about our comfort and the health and beauty of these lower extremities of ours.

At the end of this appointment I scheduled my next one for late February just before I leave for a beach vacation where feet really matter. Monica used an old-fashioned #2 pencil to write out the date and scheduled time on the back of her business card. I’ll put it in my tickler file and bring it along with me next month–just for clarity’s sake.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I did give Monica a sizable tip, which she appreciated, and which felt great to me.

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