I was interviewed on Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate show this morning. The topic: how to stay educated as an entrepreneur. I chose that theme, because when I was in California over Christmas, my brother caught me up short with this challenge. “What new things are you going to learn this year?”

Since I returned from that visit, I’ve signed up for three different learning opportunities. One will be to attend a conference in Phoenix (okay, I’m going to go where it’s warm!) to better understand a marketing program I use called infusionsoft.com. I also anticipate that the networking there will be amazing. It’s a sophisticated online program. I imagine that the attendees will be equally professional and inspiring.

I’ve signed up for a fun Saturday afternoon program at the Silvermine Art Guild to learn how to really use my digital camera. I’m not happy with the quality of my photos, and since facebook is now such an important part of my communications package, I want to improve that skill.

I also have enrolled in a ‘growth’ program for business owners through the WBDC being offered on several Saturdays over the next few months. I believe it’s a good time to re-evaluate my business model and have other successful women and mentors give me feedback and suggestions.

Specifically, Jim and I discussed not overloading on information just for the sake of information. We all have so much coming at us all the time. But education is different. My high school Latin teacher, Mrs. Abbott, would be very proud to know that I still remember the Latin roots of the word educate, which comes from: ducere = to lead and e = out –> e-ducere = to lead out. If the information isn’t leading you out of where you are and toward something you care about, edit your information stream.

What will you be doing in 2011 to lead yourself out and into your best future?

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