$50. Compared to the price tag to be a Davos Man, it’s a steal.

I was absorbed by a recent article in the Times by Andrew Ross Sorkin entitled A Hefty Price for Entry to Davos, the ‘heady power gathering’ of the World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit founded by Klaus Schwab. Invitations to this event go out to members only, and the combined membership fee and ticket cost is $71,000 for the privilege of flying to Switzerland (not included in the ticket price) and mingling with prime ministers, CEO’s and entertainers like Bono.

What struck me about the Sorkin piece was his final quote by Steve Case, founder of AOL. Here you are, at the top of the heap at one of the most prestigious conferences on the planet and the feeling is the same as you had in 8th grade: “You always feel like you are in the wrong place in Davos, like there is some better meeting going on somewhere in one of the hotels that you really ought to be at. Like the real Davos is happening in secret somewhere.”

What happens at each of my Remarkable Women’s Network events is the opposite. All 30 CEO’s are in the same place, introduce themselves to each other and then break into smaller groups for more focused and intimate exchanges. After 20 minutes in one group, you’re assigned a second group and then a third. There are no private alcoves, no hidden perks, no unseen amenities. Equal footing, exquisite connections and an environment of support and acceptance. No one walks away feeling like she missed something. It’s all there and everyone gets her fair share.

Maybe Klaus should contact me for my formula…

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