I followed a link from my online reading of the NYTimes yesterday to a website called hippopota.com. The Home Section had featured Christian Jaillite’s photo (left) of a child’s stuffed hippo toy in its Kids column. It made me want to learn more.

I was awed by the clarity and simplicity of the offer. If you want to see how to get your message out there elegantly and professionally, particularly if you’re offering a product, spend some time on Christian’s site. (If you want a stunning and memorable piece of art, too, you’ll love his work.)

Here’s what he did right in my estimation. I’m assuming that the opportunity ignited his getting this all together so when the piece hit the stands, he’d be ready to take orders.

  • The website draws you in with a touching story.
  • The offer and process are clear–not cluttered with any other talents he might be tempted to put forward.
  • The pricing is clearly laid out. There’s even a charitable component to the offer making it even more justifiable.
  • Other suggested images are provided to stimulate your imagination and showcase Christian’s creativity and aesthetic.
  • In addition to the generous selection of ideas, there are also installation shots so you can begin to imagine how your child’s bootie will look hanging next to your reading lamp. It’s very personal.
  • There’s even the legal piece to let you know, this is a professional you’re dealing with. Don’t mess!

One of the lessons in my book is that “easy is hard.” What comes across perfectly and with such stunning simplicity actually represents a ton of work in the background. My hat’s off to this gifted creator for his art as well as his marketing skills. Nicely done.

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