Many clients approach me with the decision to write a book. Kristin is the only one in my memory who got the job done within the exact targeted time she had scheduled–copy in hand! This is a remarkable, and I have to add fearless, achievement. There are so many obstacles along the way. I watched Kristin skip, hop and pole vault over each one.

Here it is in Kristin’s words:

“I don’t think I feared the book process at all.  When we channel fear & anxiety, we can actually create an exciting adventure!
The book process, for me, was very exciting – yet still a huge learning experience.  As it was my first book & I decided to self publish, I learned there is much more to the publishing process than I had imagined.  The piece that made the biggest impact to me was to hire the right people (a coach (you!), an editor, a graphic designer, and a printer) … and to have an amazing support system to help cheer you on.  When you are passionate about what you have written, & about message you want to get out to the world, the process becomes an exciting adventure (just like my book!).  Each of us have amazing gifts to share — the challenge, sometimes, is discovering what our unique gifts are.  But, once we uncover this, we are ready to share it with everyone … especially when the things we share help others!”
I happily endorsed the book with this paragraph–
Who better than Kristin Andree to tell America’s carpooling working women how to better manage their lives? In her book Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over: A Roadmap for the Working Mom, Kristin acts as your cheerleader and coach. As you work through her exercises and are inspired by her examples, you’ll see that Kristin walks 100% of her talk. Readers will benefit from her wisdom as well as the Southern charm with which she dispenses it. Andree tells it like it is. You won’t mind the hard stuff because this motivational mama has gotten to the other side and is pulling you over–in a good way.
The book can be purchased via my website: or via the books website:
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