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Mar 16, 2011

Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose? Harriette Does!

During the final session of my winter Mastermind Group, I had participants close their eyes as I read three visualizations. We then debriefed each woman’s to establish a Life Purpose statement. Here’s what happened with Harriette Trevino, co-owner of Bull’s Head Printers in Monroe, CT.

At the start of our last meeting together, Harriette–high on the success of an event she’d hosted the night before–announced to everyone that she was “fully activated.” Like every other member of the Mastermind Group, Harriette had experienced the profound change that occurs when a group of like-minded individuals work together towards committed goals. For Harriette, it was a deep shift in her perspective on the job ahead. She was willing to do whatever it takes to be successful–meeting prospects in her new location, listening to and serving their needs with enthusiasm.

When it was Harriette’s turn to share the thoughts and images she envisioned, the Life Purpose statement that emerged was this: “I am the gentle breeze that lifts and inspires.”

The next day I received an email message from Harriette oozing with joy. After sleeping on her Life Purpose statement for one night, she got a note from a colleague thanking her for the event she’d hosted:

On a side note, your follow-up email below is no less masterfully written than was your MCing last night’s event. Not only were your remarks upbeat and the intros smooth as silk, but you lifted up everyone else who spoke as well. So big kudos to you for a super well done job.

Nice when you get an affirmation like that so quickly.

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  1. Judy Klem

    I know Harriette from the WIN group at the Valley Chamber of Commerce. She always seems to be lit within, and generously sharing her inner joy with all who come in contact with her. This is a wonderful, inspiring story of identifying a statement important to the core of her being that is so very nicely and immediately reinforced in the her business interactions. Well done, Harriette!

  2. janepollak

    You said it so beautifully: lit from within. That’s Harriette. Thanks for your comment.


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