Lots of thoughts streamed through my head as I put together folders for my newest Mastermind Group that started Wednesday night. I got a kick out of how my marketing materials have evolved over the years. I love how I’m able to put a branded label through my printer with the participant’s name on it using my favorite font. That I have some nice reproductions of press I’ve been featured in to fill one side of the packet. That I have a cool postcard cover of my book and classy business cards and a MOO blog card to include.

Then the gremlins pop up with, “And what about this goals sheet for the group? Your contact info isn’t anywhere to be found!” “Your contract is non-descript. Pathetic!” Etc.

Of course, none of the remarkable women business owners who attended were there for my marketing materials. That’s just my inner critic giving me a hard time each time I start something new. They may or may not have noticed, but that’s what I was focusing on the day before we were to meet.

When I began my coaching practice in 2002 one of my very first clients drove to my home office in CT from Northampton, MA. We had a two-hour session in person (now, most of my coaching is by phone) from 10am – noon. She was thrilled with what she walked away with in terms of clarity and direction. But, she said almost giggling, what really stood out for her was that I hadn’t prepared a 4-course lunch for her when we were done. Of course, that never occurred to me to be an expectation. For this woman, it was a revelation. Can anyone identify with this?

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